Series ASL400-02
6” Single Acting, Double Piston High Pressure Liquid Pump


Parker Autoclave Engineers ASL400-02 series pump is capable of pressures to 60,000 psi and offers flow rates up to 24 in³/min.  Being air driven, the pump is explosion proof and safe for use in hazardous areas.  Pumps are used for pumping oil, water or oil/water mixtures.


All AE pumps are designed standard with stainless steel wetted parts, making them ideal for most applications.


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Parker Autoclave: Series ASL400-02


  • Standard, Air Operated Liquid High Pressure Pump

  • 6” Single-Acting, Dual Piston Air Drive

  • Air to Pressure Ratio:  1:796

  • Stainless Steel Plunger Utilizing a Proprietary Multilayer Carbon Based Coating with Diamond-Like Carbon Exterior Layer
    3 times the Hardness of Stellite with a Coefficient of Friction Equal to/Less Than PTFE!

  • Air Drive Pressure Range: 15-150 psi (1-10 bar)

  • Volume Displacement per Stroke:  .14 in³ (2.3 cm³)

  • Maximum Outlet Pressure:  60,000 psi (4137 bar)

  • Normal Air Pressure Required for Max. Output Pressure: 75 psi (5.2 bar)

  • Isolation (distance) chamber to protect air-drive section from high pressure seal leakage is standard.


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High strength stainless steel pump pressure heads specifically designed and engineered for high cycle life;  Extended service check valves with ceramic balls;  Sealed, anodized aluminum parts for better protection from harsh environments; Proprietary high pressure plunger coating utilized for low friction, increased wear and corrosion resistance; latest lubrication technology provides long, maintenance free seal service life and improves pump efficiency and performance;  and noise reduction features as standard. As you can see, this attention to detail is what sets Parker Autoclave Engineers products apart from the competition.



Manufacturer Model/Part Number Form Fit Function
Haskel 2 HP DSXHF-683 X   X
Maxpro/Maximator L400-2-VE/G400-2-VE X X X
Hydraulics International 5L-SD-900-DS X   X

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